Iba_cameThe original idea of Pattern Languages for writing out the design knowledge of people was proposed by architect Christopher Alexander. His intention was to have the people get involved in the process of designing the houses and communities which they live in. Ten years later, the idea of Pattern Languages was adopted and has became famous in the field of software design. From there, the fields which Pattern Languages are applied has now shown even further expansion to cover the creative actions of us humans – learning, collaboration, presentation, education, business, social innovation, policy making, and even beauty in daily life, just to raise a few. These three genehttp://generativefilms.org/wp/wp-admin/theme-editor.phprations of Pattern Language each establish a distinct style of Patterns, and currently exist separately in each of its different contexts.

CameraThere is, unfortunately, little interaction currently going on among people in the three generations of Pattern Languages. This is most likely due to people focusing on different target to design. With this background, I launched a new project to create a documentary film covering the three generations of Pattern Languages, in order to enable people in the different generations to understand one another. I anticipate this film will help future Pattern Languages and the communities becoming broadly formed and recognized around them. Interview videos will be available on our web site in advance to the release of the full length documentary version.


  • iba

    Takashi Iba
    Professor at Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University


Filming Staff:

  • push
    Daiki Muramatsu
    Ryosuke Kinebuchi
    Rena Suzuki
  • kumo
    Mayu Nagumo
    Kyungmin Lim